Welcome Stephanie Olsen, Director of Community Engagement

We are excited to welcome the newest member of our Senior Management Team, Stephanie Olsen. Stephanie is the Director of Community Engagement and will be working at our Central Services office.

She has been a business consultant and marketing specialist in the United States for over 25 years. She has worked in the biotechnology field, corporate business field and the non-profit sector. Stephanie moved to Edmonton in 2015 when she married her husband Daniel, who was born and raised in Edmonton.

Moving from sunny California to Edmonton has been quite a culture shock and she has had to learn how to drive in “real weather” since she moved here.  Her passion is empowering others and sharing positive and motivating stories.  Stephanie said “Accepting this position at GEF allows me to share the incredible stories of how this organization is making a difference in the lives of the seniors it serves and also the employees who passionately work here”.

Stephanie was born in Massachusetts and has 5 brothers. She moved to Arizona when she was a child and moved to San Diego when she became an adult.  She has a daughter who recently passed away at 28 years old.  Losing her daughter was the catalyst for her deciding to work in Edmonton full-time instead of traveling back and forth to the states. “When you go through a tragedy such as losing my daughter you re-evaluate your life. I decided I wanted to be a productive part of Edmonton and to make a difference here. I had been traveling back and forth for 2 years working on numerous projects in the States and had not really enjoyed or explored Alberta.  Working for GEF is the perfect fit for me and allows me the opportunity to have an impact on the community and the organization. I don’t feel like I have just accepted a position, I feel like I have joined a family”.

Her skills and passion for empowering others and using all available technology to share a message will be an asset to our organization. She joins GEF with a strong desire to serve the needs of seniors and to enhance the marketing and communications department of our organization. Stephanie has expressed “I am excited to be a part of such an excellent foundation whose vision is to positively influence senior’s quality of life.  The exceptionally high standards here at GEF are in direct alignment with the congruency I demonstrate in my own life”.

You can contact her at 780-447-9207 or email her at solsen@gef.org.  She is excited to meet the entire GEF Family.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome Stephanie Olsen, Director of Community Engagement

  1. Heidi Capozzi says:

    Your company will be so very blessed to have a woman of such caliber , insight, Integrity and passion for excellence in her strong work ethics. She is an asset to any company that she works for.

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